This was just so funny I had to share. This is the narrative given of Brad Hales about an experience Amanda and I had even before I took a liking to her. So it is exaggerated in that sense. But still pretty darn funny.”Sorry for the long delay in emails! For some reason my life got really busy last week, but I think things are slowly slowing down, so I thought I would respond to your email. I was going to respond on Sunday morning, but it snowed a few inches and as I was walking into the house from our 7 a.m. priesthood meeting, I noticed the walks were not scraped, so at first I thought ahh, somebody else will do it, but then I remembered a little story about a girl named Amanda and a boy named Paul! Here let me tell you how I remember it “Well I do believe it was a snowy Sunday morning and a strong, strappling, busy, yet thoughtful Stake Sunday School President, named Paul decided to scrape a walkway to church for everyone in the little cul-de-sac where they lived. Well, as he was busy serving his fellow ward members, I do believe he was hit on the back with a snowball, which at first he thought “how rude” until of course he saw the assailant, which then his thoughts turned a more of a “oh baby!” Of course the snowball was thrown by a “saucy” somewhat innocent, yet guilty enough, beautiful red headed 18 year old named Amanda! Well, folks not much else need to be said, as far as the record goes, the two are happily married and living in the east somewhere, where she’s still saucy and he’s still serving his fellow ward members and of course whenever he see Amanda, he still says “oh baby!”