Racing Father Time

2017 is now ending.  Where in the world has it gone?  Here is a photo that I think more or less sums up the entire year.

Hiram, Lillian, Amanda, Paul, James, and Aliza Ross in 2017!

Ms. Brandi Teuscher took that photo and deserves the credit.  She had some difficult subjects to work with under the circumstances.

A 1956 Dodge Coronet with plenty of blemishes due to age.  She turned 61 this year.  Hopefully we can get her better looking in the future.

One of my favorite things in the photo, beyond the family and car, are the dandelions.  They make my heart happy.

Aliza turned 7, Hiram turned 5, Lillie turned 2, and James was born in March.  Amanda and I continue to mature in age and demeanor.  Our little family continues to grow.

In March we saw the raging Snake River over Shoshone Falls.

Hiram and Aliza at Shoshone Falls 19 March 2017

In April, the Snake River continued to rage so we took a picture at Minidoka Dam.

23 April at Minidoka Dam spillway

Our grass greened up and was beautiful and the kids enjoyed a new Radio Flyer wagon.

Lillie 23 April 2017

We attended the Open House and Rededication of the Idaho Falls Temple.

Idaho Falls Temple during the Open House

Hiram was antsy to start farming in June.

Hiram on Grandpa’s 1948 Ford 8N

During most of the summer, the kids loved to go for walks or bike rides in the evening.

30 July trip around Fairmont Street

We traveled to Rexburg for the 2017 Great American Eclipse!

Amanda during the Total Eclipse 21 August 2017

We enjoyed some hot miniture golfing in Twin Falls in September.

Twin Falls Miniture Golfing

The Annual Hemsley Camp Out also took place in September in Soda Springs.  We not only enjoyed the carbonated springs, we felt a few earthquakes too.

2017 Hemsley Reunion: Front kids (l-r) Aliza Ross, Lillie Ross, Olivia Hemsley, Hiram Ross; Second row Jill Hemsley, Amanda Ross, Derek Hemsley, Jordan Hemsley holding Jack Hemsley, Bryan Hemsley holding Red Solo Cup, with Zack Smart and Alyssa Hemsley behind; James Ross sitting in car seat

James grew up enough to look around, crawl, and Lillie grew enough to pull him in a wagon by September.

Lillie pulling happy James

Made a trip to Cedar City for the Cedar City Open House by November.

Paul, Amanda, Aliza, Hiram, Lillian, and James Ross at the Cedar City Temple Open House

And Cove Fort.

Paul, Amanda, Aliza, Hiram, Lillian, and James Ross with Jill Hemsley recreating a 1939 photo of David and Dave Donaldson.

What shall 2018 bring with it?

I find myself echoing Jacob.  “And it came to pass that I, Paul, began to be old… the time passed away with us, and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream.”  It passes too quickly.  We could make more memories, but health and money are limited.  Hopefully more memories and life in the upcoming year.



Oh, You Beautiful Dodge!

Notwithstanding applying for jobs, fretting over passing the bar, putting things in place for solo practice, and helping around my Dad’s house, I have made an effort to resurrect my 1956 Dodge from the garage.  Here is how dirty about five years had made her.  She had so much dirt that some of the seams, like around the trunk, were full of dirt.

The battery was dead so I put a new one in.  As a tribute to Dodge, a new battery and the car cranked over and started up after about 30 seconds!  I had absolutely no brakes, but I moved it into the driveway where I could more easily work on it.  I gave her a good bath and washed off more than a few millimeters of dust in several places.  There in the driveway I bled the brakes, vacuumed her out (and her numerous mouse nests, what a heart-breaker), and prepped her for more use.

We still have some of the original marketing materials that came with the car in 1956 and I knew one of the marketing themes was “Oh, You Beautiful Dodge!”  I knew the song was “Oh, You Beautiful Doll” modified for Dodge’s purposes (and with the help of Lawrence Welk).  So that one line I kinda hummed under my breath as I worked through my various tasks.  I decided I would check to see if I could find the commercial.  Voila, Youtube has a copy.

Kinda catchy and I am jealous of the singer’s low voice.  There is another interesting commercial about the creation of the Dodge as a piece of art, as an automobile.

Since money is tight, some of the necessary fixes will just have to wait.  I am afraid the master brake cylinder will have to be replaced as well as the cylinders in both back brakes since they grab and both seem to be leaking brake fluid.  One of the valve covers appears to have the gasket completely missing so she throws out a healthy dose of oil when she gets hot.  Additionally, the transmission which slipped even 10 years ago slips worse than ever.  Storage is never good on a vehicle and where the dirt has sat on some of the fenders and a little moister have added some rust bumps in the paint.  She has some cancer in a few areas.  I am afraid she will need a good going through and probably a paint job to restore her to her true colors (white top of the cab, charcoal not grey, and yellow which is pretty close).

Here is a picture of her all cleaned up on the outside, I have not done anything beyond vacuuming inside, with Aliza and me.  I hope we can get her squared away to make her a regular Sunday driver.