Hadfield, England

Road above Hadfield, England

I suppose I have to apologize for the poor photography again.  Someday I would like to find this location again and try again though.  My camera at this stage of my mission wasn’t working great (after an unfortunate run-in with some yobs).  Plus, this was 1999 with the now ancient Advantix film.

We were working at reestablishing a branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Glossop, England.  We worked particularly hard and did not have an auto while working in the Hyde Ward.  We rode the bus quite a bit, hoofed it otherwise, and found ourselves trying some shortcuts once and a while.

Part of my memory is fuzzy now that we are more than 13 years later, which is unfortunate.  I seem to remember that we had to get off the bus at Hollingworth or Gamesley because once we left Greater Manchester we had to switch bus companies.  Working in Glossop meant getting off the bus and walking the remainder of the distance into Glossop or we had to purchase tickets on the buses.  We were too poor or cheap to purchase tickets so we walked the remainder of the distance.

We were teaching a family in Hadfield which required us walk up the hill from the Shaw Lane bus stop.  I can still remember they lived on Newlands Drive, probably could take you to their very house, although I cannot remember their names.  We also had a family on Brookside Close we would stop to visit who had a beautiful daughter.  The family on Newlands Drive was pretty born again so they were a ton of work, but I learned quite a bit in teaching them as well.

Anyhow, one day we were headed to Glossop one day after teaching the family on Newlands Drive.  Rather than go all the way back down to the road we thought we would cut across the countryside between Hadfield and Glossop.  It was then that I snapped this picture because it was stunningly beautiful.  I don’t even recall which companion I had at the time, although I believe it was Elder John Peters although it may have been Elder Jarem Frye.  You can look up the location on a map to how it would make sense.

Glossop always impressed me.  I wish we could have spent more time working there but it just took so much time getting there and back to our flat in Hyde.  Plus, as we always do, I was transferred and did not get the opportunity to teach and preach more in Glossop.

But here is another picture I snapped between Hollingworth and Mottram in Longdendale on a different date.  It gives another glimpse of the beauty of the area.  I have another picture of this same hill with snow on it, but I believe it has been lost to history.  I hope it will turn up.  But, here is hoping to return to Mottram, Glossop, Hollingworth, and Hadfield one day.

Hill between Mottram in Longdendale and Hollingworth