Old Folks Day

This is a poem by Lilly M. Sharp.

Couple in Haughton Green, Cheshire, England in 1999.

“Old Folks Day”

My dear friends and comrades;

One year has passed away

Since we met here before

To celebrate Old Folks Day.

There has been lots of changes

All around we know;

But this day comes to cheer us,

As the years come and go.

The days and hours seem to drag;

But the years go swiftly by

And time goes on just the same,

Whether we live or die.

The friends we knew in childhood;

Are the ones we hold most dear,

For we’ve grown old together;

Which makes us all so near.

There seems to be real comfort

In meeting old friends so dear;

And hear their joyous laughter,

Mingled with their fears.

This old folks day brings sunshine

Into our hearts once more,

As we all get together,

As we did in days of yore.

So come happy old folks day

And fetch us lots of cheer;

For you don’t know how we’d miss you,

If you didn’t come once a year.