Thomas and Cottle

Here are two more photos from my Great Grandmother’s collection that have names written on them.  I will make the rest of them available that we just don’t have a clue about at another time.  Both were given to Lillian Coley Jonas, probably from classmates or close friends.

Irene Cottle gave this photo to Lillian and states the same.  I assume this was a close friend of some sort.  Irene Elizabeth Cottle born 20 November 1893 in Richmond, Cache, Utah and died in La Grande, Union, Oregon.  She married Edward William Pfel.

“To Lillian” signed “Irene Cottle” The frame indicates Foulgers Photo Stop, Garland, Utah

This photo from “Dellas Thomas”, at least that is how the name is spelled on the back.  Taken in Lewiston, Cache, Utah on 27 December 1914.  Perhaps a boyfriend at the time?  John Dellas Thomas was born 21 September 1896 in Lewiston and died 19 January 1985.

“Dellas Thomas” taken 27 December 1914 in Lewiston, Utah