Shop in Skelmersdale

Here is a photo from the mission log that I still find humorous and I thought I would share here.  There are not many photos that I can absolutely pin down its location, but this is one of them (with obvious assistance within the photo).  The shop is located in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, England.  I just looked it up on Google Maps and the shop is still there although zooming in  on Google you can see they have changed the advertising in the window.  Which is probably likely to happen in the 13 years since this photo was taken.  However, I hope the photo is clear on why it was comical to Americans.  I will not comment on how many questions this window provides to my mind.  The photo was taken in the fall of 2000.

Shop in Skelmersdale, Lancashire

Most of you are likely already aware, but I try and post something each week.  Some weeks you can tell I have less time and these types of photos although not really historically important to me provide great fodder for filling weeks when necessary.