Contracts down, Next?

Just a few lines in my time down before crashing for the night.

What a couple of weeks!  I have been spending 12 hours a day at the law school.  Amanda drops me off at 7:30 or 8 depending on the day.  She picks me up at 8 or I get a ride home.  They are long days and I really feel more mentally exhausted than anything else.  However, things seem to be falling together very nicely.

Yesterday we had our first final.  Contracts was one I initially feared a month ago.  After working out the outline and spending an inordinate amount of time in memorizing, reviewing, and studying it worked out.  It is quite the chore to make sure you are fully familiar and understand all the material for the past three months.  It is a challenge of pure endurance.  I could have done much more to prepare during the semester which I am sure many of us will do from now on.  I am happy to announce I felt prepared for the exam.

The Contracts examination arrived yesterday morning.  A quick review of the outline, cases, and restatements before class and the race was one.  It was supposed to start at 9 but of course it goes one room at a time.  We finally started at 9:47.  The exam started, I read the first question, and I felt like I was ready to go.  Interestingly, it reminded a great deal of Anthony Peacock’s Constitutional Law classes at Utah State University.  His tests are essay and we are expected to discuss the question at hand.  I know where he picked up the exam style.  It was one of only a handful of classes that tested us in such a way.  I was very comfortable with the format.  Except this was 3 hours long and covered the whole semester.  Peacock’s were only the last month or amount of info covered from the last exam.

The first question was 90 minutes in length.  It was a duress question.  I feel like I nailed it right on the head.  Everyone I visited with in my group feels like we nailed it on the head.  Hopefully the whole class didn’t nail it on the head because then I am right back to being average.  Either way, as long as I stay above a C- I can pass the class.  I can hope I am not average but will be happy with the results if I am.  The question was actually a bit of fun.  I covered the set-up lines pretty quickly and jumped right into all the nuances of governing law, duress, the restatements, and on through the implications approaching unconscionability.  When the time ran out, I felt like I had a well written examination answer.

Then the next question rolled around.  It was quintessentially a UCC Statute of Frauds question.  While I know now I confused some of the language initially, I hope I made it clear what I meant as I explained the rest of the answer.  I feel like I hit the issues and covered the topics even though it was not as well as I would have liked.  I feel like I did a good cover of the question.  The others in my group feel about the same as I did which means I am still with the average bunch.  Okay in my book.  It was a 75 minute question.

Next found a 5 minute question on the Dean’s 7 C’s.  A bit of a trick question.  I knew he would ask but forgot to review it very well.  I explained the jist of the document but could not list all the 7.  Half of my buddies were successful in listing them all which puts me below average.  Hopefully it is weighted according to it’s minutes!

Lastly, a 40 minute multiple choice section.  7 multiple choice with answers that were all correct but only one that really fit if you understood the governing law.  For the most part I felt I did well but multiple choice can be funny.  It never quite works out how you think.  We will just have to wait and see.  But I can hope I did at least average!

Anyhow, we are deep in the trenches in quizzing each other about Torts.  We spent a good portion of the day hashing through the nuances between Assumption of Risk, Comparative Negligence, Contributory Negligence, and Negligence in general.  I am ready for sleep tonight.

My poor wife is a law-school widow in nearly every sense.  She has decorated and worked on the house nearly by herself.  The house is changing solely from her initiative.

I am still enjoying myself.  It is especially rewarding when at the end of the day I really feel like I understand a principle and can explain it to another.  I can come home and sleep.  Some of the hours are drudgery and I wish it was more productive but I am pretty thick.  Finally the break through comes though.

The past couple of weeks have added some more fun.  My computer decided to crash Thanksgiving Day.  In the meantime with all the studies I have reset up my computer.  New hard drive and reinstallation of all the programs.  Meaning, somebody else did most of the work while I studied without a computer.  Which was difficult since all my information was on the computer.  In good news, I did not lose the information on my hard drive.  It was all able to be successfully transferred over to my computer.  Now I just need to back it all up!

Well, time to sign off.  Life goes on in the very narrow world I live in.  I can say I played Squash after the Contracts Final.  Andrew Curtis and I ran away to play for an hour or two.  It was a great stress relief and exercise.  Back to the grind!


What Thanksgiving Break?

A quick update is in order.  A week off for Thanksgiving.  Well, not really.  We didn’t have any classes beyond Tuesday.  All day Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday were spent at the law library mostly wrapping up the Contracts Outline.  Those days really were not full days.  I took some sleep-in time until about 8 or 9 each day.  Arrived at school around 10 and then worked until about 5 or 5:30.

Contracts is really falling together for me which I am much relieved about.  I really need to alter my Torts Outline as I put too much emphasis on the cases.  I need to put more emphasis on the Restatements and rules.  It isn’t bad, but I think I am focused too much on case names.  Some ideas, like Duty and Causation are still fuzzy to me so I need to focus on them some more.  Civil Procedure has been sorely neglected.  Hmmm, when will I get to it?

Legal Writing & Analysis is done!  I handed in my Memo on Tuesday.  It was a relief to see it go.  I did the best I could.  I am sure I could have gone over it a few more times.  Alas, I would have gone crazy.  So it is best I could not.  I am content with my final version but apprehensive as to the myriad ways our dear professor may spill her ink.

We went in for Tithing Settlement today.  It was a good little meeting.  Sadly, I have been offered a calling.  I cannot disclose it yet as the congregation may still not sustain me.  It is a calling that could take as much time as I wanted to allow it.  I don’t know how well it will work with school.  I may have to confine it mostly to the weekends and coordination during the week.  Plus I have no clue how the calling really works since they completely altered the program in the past decade.  Here I thought I was doing a great job of finding the Lost Sheep and staying under the radar.  President Uchtdorf rings in my mind as I realize I was trying to avoid a calling.  Either way, it didn’t work.

Thanksgiving was great.  We did a little communal Thanksgiving Dinner with a number of law students from the J. Reuben Clark Law Society.  All of the food was tasty and filling.  Wonderful turkey, sweet and regular potatoes, and a whole heap more.  Very, very good.  I wish I had taken the time to get to know some of the other students more.  Hopefully there will be another chance.

It is definitely a good thing they are renovating the ward buildings here.  It has been a long time since my feet were so cold in Sacrament my feet were almost numb.  The Edmond Building where we had Thanksgiving Dinner was the same way!  We still don’t know where we will be meeting for church in 2009.  Looks like an elementary school is the best option at the moment.  I surely hope not.  I wish they could work something out with the Seventh Day Adventists (they don’t use their building on Sunday!!) or the Baptists down the street.  Either way, if we were diligent, it could turn into a brotherhood!

This will be a busy week.  Classes through Wednesday and then the final race for finals preparation begins.  I should mostly be missing in action from the 3rd-19th.  Good thing I secured all the Christmas presents for Amanda already.  I got her three.  Two are under the tree she already decorated.  The final should arrive at a friends house this week!

Just so all know, I do still squeeze in at least one Squash game a week!  I wish it was more but I cannot seem to justify the waste of time if feels like.  Who knew law school would so rule my life.  Amanda is a poor law widow consuming multiple books a week to fulfill her time and sorrows.

Lastly, a cousin paid a visit to Dad this past week.  His name is James Ross.  I don’t know where he is from yet.  Dad passed on James’ e-mail to me and I have been corresponding.  Interestingly, he has found the journal for my Great, Great Grandfather!!  Apparently it states exactly who his father is!  I have previously covered the topic of the elusive Meredith Clan in Western Virginia.  I was unable to nail down which James Meredith is my Great, Great, Great Grandfather.  Well, apparently Mr. James “Jim” Ross has found the journal somewhere.  I am looking for confirmation before I reveal the revelation.  It appears the census is wrong despite how incredible it seems from our culture today!